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Summit at Sea 2015

Everyone has something to learn and we all have something to teach! These are the two very important skills we can always improve on no matter what or how much we may have already achieved.

Everyone has something to learn and we all have something to teach! These are the two very important skills we can always improve on no matter what or how much we may have already achieved.

A close friend of mine from L.A. introduced me to an experience that has since changed my life for the better. The Summit Series - described by my friend as an amazing gathering of some of the world's most successful, intellectual, creative and spiritual people who come together on a journey to share their personal life experiences and knowledge to create a learning safari. I couldn't resist becoming a member of the Summit Series!

Marry Ta (Founder of Minotti L.A.) and Anna Grace-Davidson (Founder of Grace Guru)

Now back in London, I have had enough time to reflect and digest everything that happened. What an astounding, inspiring and overwhelming voyage that I cannot wait to share with you all!

Getting together, being open minded, sharing our knowledge and inspiring others to create and evolve in life!

Sharing knowledge is important - not to increase our popularity, reputation and emotional communion - but also to connect and communicate with others.

Norwegian Getaway Cruise Ship, Miami Port 2015

Summit at Sea 2015

Open debates with Edward Snowden (CIA) and Chris Sacca (Sicilian Valley Investor), Winning Recipe Talks with Marta Stuard were only a few examples of the inspirational people sharing their experiences. Relaxing Yoga sessions with a Guru from Tibet, Live music performance by St. Lucia and The Wailers, dancing until the early hours to DJ Sabo's summer tunes in the open air is only a small sample of the activities available while on board.

Morning Meditation Session Aboard the Summit 2015

Artwork by Olivia Steele

Uber has changed our lives!

Jumping in to the elevator with Travis Katalik (Founder of Uber) and having a small talk, after listening to his and Eric Shmids (Executive of Google) debaste on the stage in front of 1500 summit people about how technology is transforming modern society and our cities, was really special! I mean, a company like Uber is not only a great idea which resulted in a huge big profit, it was also fascinating to see how companies like this are changing the world, making a big impact on individual's day-to-day lives, ecology and while creating new employment opportunities.

Did you know!?

Founder of Uber, Travis Katalik, went bankrupt several times throughout his life before succeeding with the Uber App! This just goes to show we should all believe in ourselves and never give up on your dreams! A few failures in our lives should be seen as a good experience, failures keep us grounded and we will appreciate our achievements much more along with gaining great experience working towards success.

" Success does not happen by mistake, Success is when opportunity meets preparation"

Happy Sea Summit Group, Travis Katalik (Uber Founder) Centre Top and to the right Anna Grace-Davidson (Grace Guru)

A gift from the spirit!

I also attended the talk "The 50 Billion Marijuana Business Industry". Marijuana already has had a remarkable medical effect on many lives within the U.S.

Nicole Smith, founder of "Mary's Medicine" made her success by selling Marijuana remedies in 15 states across the U.S. and has helped so many ill people treating disease and improving their symptoms. Like appetite loss, cancerous elements and pain relief. If used in moderation and not abused to fuel a drug habit, Marijuana can be a very powerful medicine.

"Optimism as Superpower"

A great story shared by two brothers Bert and John Jacobs founders of "Good Life", a multi million-dollar company. They started their brand in 1994 with just $78 in their pockets and began by selling slogan t-shirts with "positive thinking" messages at a few local beach shops. Their creative work came from their heart with an aim to inspire people in a positive way. Bert and John couldn't have even imagined the outcome or response that came from their positive messages. The world needs more positive people like the Jacob Brothers! Let us all practice more optimisim and spread good vibes!

Bert and John Jacobs Speech

Happiness & Beauty Foods

I loved the sharing talk by Amanda Bacon, the creator of Amanda spoke about many healthy and beauty food tips. My favourite tips I love to share;

1. Eat more raw food

2. Stay alkalised

3. Don't forget the good fats that are great for brain function and hormone production

4. Use herbs, as they have so many healing health benefits

5. Don't forget about cultured food and probiotics

6. Give your body sometimes a rest a chance for rejuvenation, fast for 12h

7. Be mindful of what you eat and listen to your body!

I Everyone asks the same question, why do we all not look like supermodels from Vogue magazine! We eat so healthy, exercise regularly and look after ourselves!... Well let me tell you, that real beauty and happiness come from within us!

"Do you want to be right, or do you want to stay married?"

A super influential talk given by Esther Perel, about the secret to desire in a long-term relationship.

"When you love how does it feel? And when you desire how is it different?"

Watch her on Ted TV! It is impossible to describe the impact or to share any advice from her talk in only a few words. However I will say this... Esther Perel is great and so inspiring! She provides amazing advice that you can immediately relate to your relationship or marriage.

Here is a great link I found that I would love to share...

Summarising the Summit!

My venture was all about showing love and support to the up-and-comers, and not focused on fan boying the big-timers. A once in a lifetime experience that I definitely will repeat!

Be more open and share your experiences, knowledge and inspiration with your friends, family and even the people you meet at random!

"You never know who is sitting next to you..."

Wouldn't the world be filled with more happiness and fun if we could help and support each other more? We should all be happy for other and their success!

My Favourite Healthy Juice from the Sea Summit's Juice Bar

I believe in energy and what we put in to this world will come back to us and reward us! Lets focus on the positive.

With Love,

Anna Grace-Davidson