05/03/2014 07:00 GMT | Updated 05/05/2014 06:59 BST

The Student Bucket List

Every student heads off to university with a list of things they want to do before they graduate. They're not all great ideas, most of them come with a health warning- not to mention a potential criminal record- but for one reason or another, these 20 things frequently make an appearance on 'The Student Bucket List'...

1. Host a house party: Shoot your way to the top of the social ladder by hosting the coolest party in town. But, if you actually want to be cool maybe don't call it 'the coolest party in town'...

2. Get horribly, horribly drunk: Becoming so intoxicated that you can't remember a thing seems to be an appealing activity for most of you! Which you could do by...

3. Make your own alcohol:Fancy yourself as an amateur brewer or mixologist? Make your own beer, wine or invent new flavours of vodka i.e. shove some skittles in it overnight.

4. Join a demo: You'll make new friends, have loads of fun and you never know, you might even change the world!

5. Pull an all-nighter: To cram for an exam, finish coursework or for no reason at all.

6. Crash another lecture: Going to a lecture that has nothing to do with your course- randomly rock up to the psychology building and sit in on their 9am- see if you get noticed.

7. Go to a festival: Forget summer internships and work experience, get yourself to a festival and jump around in the sun to bands no one has heard of yet.

8. Boink on campus: Silent section of the library? The middle of the main square? The possibilities are endless.

9. Play a prank: Meticulous planning required- the more humiliating, inconvenient and involved the better!

10. Pub crawl/ golf: Actually a great way to get to know your new city whilst getting extremely merry and wearing a visor. If that's not fun I don't know what is.

11. Have a one night stand: 'nuff said.

12. Join a sports team: Leaving uni with memories of team spirit and success is a lovely addition to your bucket list. Unlike...

13. Go to a lecture in your dressing gown/ naked: For the sake of your course mates you might want to opt for the first option.

14. Get extra-friendly with a tutor: Maybe they couldn't resist your dressing gown?

15. Learn to cook: Uni is a time when you're thrown in at the deep end without Mummy's home cooking, so for most the hope is that you'll be an expert chef by the end of it!

16. Go skinny dipping/ streaking: Nudity strikes again. If you're at a seaside uni this is easy to tick off. If not, surely there's a pond or something on campus..?

17. Get kicked out of a bar/club: Great way to ruin everyone's evening.

18. Volunteer: Now isn't that nice? Wanting to do something productive with your time and actually help (rather than prank and annoy) people. Well done you!

19. Blow your student loan in a week: Are you happy having no social life and living off baked beans for the rest of the term?

And finally, to end on a 'high'...

20. Get stoned: NAUGHTY.

Do any of those sound appealing to you? No doubt there are hundreds more things that should be added-... what's on your 'Student Bucket List'?

Written by Anna Pitts, a final year English Language student at The University of Sussex. She also works for the Graduate Recruitment Bureau writing articles for graduates and students. Follow her on twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.