16/02/2016 06:08 GMT | Updated 15/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Your Most Important Relationship in Life Is...

Are you in your heart? Just when a relationship comes to an end, it makes room for a new one. A new relationship with yourself, the people who will accompany you in the future, a new relationship with your true calling is coming. You can discover your potential and your desires.

It's best to experience this with like-minded people and the heart sings, when you live at the right place. Alone you make small steps, with people you like and are able to create projects, big steps. My first mentor often said, "If you want to work hard for little money, you just have to work alone".

This refers not only to money, but also to wellbeing in your general life.

What about your living place, where do you really want to be?What has always been your dream, where has your soul led you to and what does it still want? And what is holding you back, fears or thoughts that are well conceivable convertible?

There is nothing more valuable to devote to your own fulfillment, which fills us with joy and ease, because it is easy for us and serves others the most.

This includes defining what a fulfilling life means for you, so you can proceed in implementing your successful steps.

Let's face it: We know that our thoughts create our reality. The more conscious we are about what's happening on a daily basis in our brain, the more effective we can create our daily lives. Not only the Roman statesman Marcus Aurelius knew to say: Your thoughts create your reality.

Like an automatic pilot, many thoughts run through our subconscious mind. If we had a negative experience in a situation, it strengthened a belief and a negative image is produced in our memory. This is connected with bodily or mental pain. If we scent such a situation again, we want to avoid it.

So the more we focus on a positive outcome, the more promising is the result. Some people find it difficult to concentrate or gave up their dreams and therefor easily get distracted.

Brain studies show that repeated actions are automatically performed after a certain time. We no longer think about what we do or think, it is anchored in our subconscious.

Do we, for example, experience rejection; we will try to avoid such a situation. This may result that we don´t enter into any intimate relationship, in fear of being rejected or abandoned. Or we avoid challenging ourselves because someone told us, we would not be talented in a specific thing anyway or we are too old, too fat, too thin, too old, to young...

Such autopilot circuits prevent us to be truly satisfied. It is time to stop not knowing our pain and our deep desires. Never the time was as good as it is now, to meet your blockages profoundly to understand and to dissolve them. Meet your demons, your shadow, and get to know them deliberately instead of running away from them.

Often we seek recognition from the outside and we tend to compare us. This is not self-love. You have to offer so much potential. Are your wishes big and you making them small? Why? Did someone tell you they are not feasible and you believed it?

Be honest: How big is your trust in yourself? How big is your love for yourself?

Give yourself daily acknowledgement! Surround yourself with people who are good for you and separate yourself from those that pull you down. Appreciate the wealth that is in you and around you. The beautiful flowers, animals, nature, your food, your body, your warm bed, your beloved one, your talents, your laugh, your sense of humor...

Focus yourself on what gives you pleasure rather than on what you don´t have! Your most important relationship in life is...the lovingly relationship to yourself.