22/11/2016 10:16 GMT | Updated 22/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Five Reasons Why Having A September-Born Four Year Old Rocks

For years everyone has crooned about how lucky we were to have a September-born child. Statistics supposedly show that a September-born is more likely to succeed and be top of the class in school. Yay I thought, until this year.

You see, the very same people who thought this was ace are now asking me why I am holding my daughter back from school. I have been on the receiving end of many a stern look. Even strangers have felt the need to console me because "isn't it such a shame that you have her for an extra year". *Cue puckered puzzled mum face. Because, the last time I checked, I didn't think I was doing any holding back of the sort, since she is not due to start school until September 2017. I just don't get it.

In fact, so worried was I, that I even double (actually triple) checked the school admissions pages to see if I was meant to be attempting to 'get her in early' or something. I assure you, it's not the case.

So, for all those who think that our September-born 4 year olds are missing out, here are 5 reasons why they really aren't.


(Photo credit: Annette Demetriou, 3 Little Buttons)

1. Let Them Be Little

I think most parents will be familiar with the term 'let them be little'. In a world which demands us to grow-up, and quickly at that, there is a huge parent tribe out there counteracting this and attempting to slow things down. Because toddlers should be allowed to just be little, right? Hooraa for being a September-born as they get to enjoy being little for just that incy bit longer.

2. The Teacher To-Do-List

If you haven't seen the teacher's you-must-be-able-to-do-list, then where have you been? Variations of this have been frightening parents of pre-schoolers across the nation. Anything from basics like doing their own coat up for playtimes, to the more complicated must know all 36 letters of the alphabet (huh?) may appear on this list. Lucky September-born's will have a bit longer to master these skills. Phew!

3. Holiday Time

A huge gripe for parents of school age children are the school holiday, home or abroad holiday prices. Pick a date term-time and you are likely to find that you are paying much less and more affordable prices for a less busy, therefore, better quality experience. How does that even figure? So, without trying to sound boastful... any time, any place my dear little September-born, the world is your oyster, for this year at least.

4. Discovering You

Your threenager is on their way out and starting to make way for a more confident, self-assured 4 year old self. It's an amazing time as their personality evolves just that little bit more and gives you glimpses into what they will be like in the future. Now is the time for discoveries and dreams. Unhampered by classmates and teachers views, your September-born little one's imagination can soar without reservation.

5. Time For Us

My absolute favourite reason why having a September-born 4 year old does in fact rock, is the extra year we have together. It's not going to be the case for everyone due to different circumstances, but I count my lucky stars for having this time with my daughter. Our time at home is our own time. No homework invasions, extra uniform washing or must-do after school classes to get tied-up with. It's just you and me kiddo.