09/09/2016 09:46 BST | Updated 09/09/2017 06:12 BST

Eight Reasons Why Starting A Business And A Baby Are The Same

Having had the pleasure of doing both in recent months, I've come to realise how launching a startup and having a baby share a lot in common. No sleep, no cash and friends making you feel 'good' are eight similarities between the two.

1. You can't choose a name

You spend your commutes making numerous lists on your phone, and after plenty of toing and froing you eventually settle on something that your parents don't like.


(pic: rottenecards)

2. You read books

You prepare by reading lots of books before quickly realising that the theory is no preparation for the practice. And once it starts, you laugh at the thought of having time to read a book ever again.



3. You have funny 'friends'

You have friends fraying your nerves with funny quips about how the good life is over. You laugh along with them, but inside you're panicking.


(pic: Seinfeld, NBC)

4. You see your partner in a new light

You share fun new experiences with someone you want to blame for everything you're glad is there to calm you down during moments of exhaustion and stress.


(pic: House of Cards, Netflix)

5. You have no money

You start to spend too much time in the supermarket trying to work out the most filling combination of the items in their £3 meal deal.


(pic: The Simpsons, Time Warner)

6. You get the animal instinct

You develop a protective instinct that kicks into gear the split second you sense anyone even, possibly, maybe, potentially looking at "your baby" the wrong way. Or not looking at them enough.



7. You don't sleep



(pic: OMGMemes)

8. And you develop massive appreciation for those who've done it before

You suddenly realise just how brilliant the people who've done it before you really are and feel guilty for not giving them the kudos and respect that their efforts deserved.


(pic: Hunger Games, Lionsgate)

Ari is a proud dad to two young kids, Zeb and Thea - the inspirations behind bubble; an on-demand babysitting app launched in London this summer. Prior to bubble, Ari worked for fin-tech firm MarketInvoice, and internet betting exchange Betfair.

Bubble is available to download in iOS & Android now.