27/03/2012 09:03 BST | Updated 26/05/2012 06:12 BST

Sex and the City Returns, Recession-Style

Everywhere you look this week there's news about the filming of The Carrie Diaries, featuring AnnaSophia Robb as the young Carrie Bradshaw. While she looks convincing enough in the shots, it got me wondering whether you should mess with a winning formula. Should Carrie ever be anyone other than SJP? And will The Carrie Diaries show a young Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte too?

I'd far prefer to see the original cast back for another series, though in these recessionary times, is SATC just too bling? When Carrie and the girls hit the Manhattan high spots a decade ago we drooled with envy at their lifestyle, their apartments, their shoes, but there's a distinct possibility that their lavish lifestyles might just seem crass these days.

That's why I'm reaching out to the SATC team and suggesting that any new shows reflect these recessionary times. I can imagine Carrie and crew trying to live large on a shoestring budget: freecycling their way around Manhattan, shopping at Target and relying on Groupon for their restaurant deals. Here are a few ideas for future episodes of Sex and the City (The Recession Years), where the girls are keeping it real:

Street Life: With the value of her investment portfolio slashed, Charlotte is forced to find an alternative means of furnishing her apartment - skip diving. Taking Carrie along for moral support the duo trawls the skips and pavements of the Upper East Side, looking for 'vintage' furniture. The resultant haul includes a bedside table with potential and a hoover that might simply need a new belt. Charlotte is hooked.

Bye Bye Big Shot: Mr Big is made redundant. No-one ever knew what he did anyway. Carrie and Big are forced to economise and soon become addicted to extreme couponing, travelling miles across NYC to snag the best discounts. Heck, they even go to Queens.

Farewell to the Hamptons: No-one can afford the Hamptons these days. The girls book a last minute deal, destination anywhere, and end up at a holiday camp. Samantha lusts after the senior Redcoat, attracted by his considerable colour-blocking skills. Sadly she gets confused at the

masked ball and ends up in a compromising position with portly campsite

comedian, Uncle Benny.

Bang Bangs: Unable to afford their exorbitant salon fees, the girls decide to cut each others' hair. They all have a cocktail or three before they begin. The results aren't pretty.

To Thrift Mart, to Thrift Mart: Little Brady eats too much - food bills are through the roof. Miranda ditches her organic veg box and starts shopping at Thrift Mart. She discovers that the own-brand red pepper quiche ain't at all bad.

An American Girl in the Kitchen: Carrie is forced to cook. Will the strain prove just too much? Will that bouillon blow her budget? The series ends on a cliffhanger.