Adam Jung

Organiser with Occupy London and Artists & Industry Relations at Occupation Records

Why Rockstars Need to Be on the Front Lines Again

Artists are the most powerful people in our societies. They influence public opinion. They make culture. The define our reality. Donating money's nice. But if artists want to really make an impact, they need to be on the front lines.
28/08/2015 16:46 BST

The Latest Planned Parenthood "Controversy" is Fueled by Ignorance

No, America, Planned Parenthood isn't selling baby parts. They're not actually "selling" anything. Like nearly every other hospital or clinic in the country, they provide donated tissue blocks from surgical procedures for medical research; research that has likely saved the life of people you know.
03/08/2015 10:50 BST

Not Just a Statistic: Remembering Our Friend and Afghanistan Veteran Jacob George

I didn't know Jacob nearly as well as many others and yet I've still been walking around in a fog since I heard Jacob took his life.The energy and passion Jacob lived by made it difficutl not to feel connected to him within minutes of meeting him. Twenty two veterans killing themselves a day is an abstract statistic. Until it's not, and you've lost a friend.
01/10/2014 15:22 BST

It Makes More Sense to Just Burn Down the Banks

I'm not advocating taking a torch to your local bank branch in California, but if you're going to face thirteen years for drawing with chalk, objectively, it makes more since to make sure the building is empty of people and just burn the bank down. That, more than anything, should show the absurdity of the charges these activists are facing and the creeping authoritarianism of the state.
26/06/2013 11:37 BST

The Boston Bombing Was Terrorism: A Response to Steven Kurlander

What is dangerous about Kurlander's article, is the unfounded ammunition it provides for the state to continue vilification and harassment of anarchists. Kurlander argues that by calling the Boston bombing "terrorism" it frames it "as an act of war," allowing "the federal government to violate and decrease our constitutional rights and individual liberties in the name of fighting terrorism." The sad irony is that his article contributes to the State's efforts to do exactly that based on a political belief.
29/04/2013 17:37 BST

Statement of Ernie Harburg on 'Ding Dong' and Thatcher's Passing

Ernie Harburg is the son of the late Yip Harburg - the lyricist of "DIng Dong! The Witch Is Dead" (and all the songs in the "Wizard Of Oz") - and President of the Yip Harburg Foundation. He has released a statement passed on through Ian Baldry, the creator of the facebook campaign to make the track number one.
17/04/2013 10:49 BST

Why I Support Making 'Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead' Number One This Week

Making <em>Ding Dong</em> number one in the UK charts may seem childish, sure. But it also helps combat the revisionist narrative played across UK media. And it follows in proper punk tradition. It's a small, creative way to force the media to acknowledge Britons dislike for policies that have crushed the country.
10/04/2013 10:17 BST

The Geeks Have Inherited Rock n' Roll

Geek culture has been growing and getting more and more accepted and commercialized over the last decade. A far cry from when I was in high school desperately hiding my Star Trek addiction. Now, the top movies every summer are from franchises like Star Trek, Iron Man, or the Avengers.
05/04/2013 12:54 BST

With Occupy Sandy Relief, Occupy Wall Street Becomes a Movement

Almost fifteen months later, with Occupy Sandy, we see dramatic achievements daily, communities empowering themselves, and a truly organic movement becoming more decentralized, more efficient, more focused, and receiving praise from some very unlikely corners.
04/12/2012 17:22 GMT

School of Roccupy: Uniting Rockstars, High School Youth, and Occupy Wall Street

Activists involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement are working with a record label set up to support the movement to launch a high profile community outreach project. The School of Roccupy is a collaboration between Occupation Records and Occupy activists that aims to creatively engage high school students with the processes and idealism of Occupy Wall Street.
23/08/2012 17:13 BST

Finsbury Square Wasn't a Failure of Occupy, It Was the Failure of Austerity

The mess that became of Finsbury wasn't a failure of Occupy, but of the state; of Cameron and Clegg's ideological austerity. When these people came, they were not turned away. They were welcomed in from a city and state that tried to hide them in ally's, desperate to show the world a shiny façade for the Jubilee and the Olympics.
14/06/2012 14:10 BST

iOccupy: Occupation Records Challenge to the Music Industry

The music industry must play a role in improving working conditions under these companies, and they've done it before. 20 years ago most band merchandise - t-shirts, patches, hoodies - was, like most apparel, manufactured in sweatshops in China. Now most bands use fair trade certified suppliers for their merch.
15/02/2012 10:23 GMT

Occupation Records: How the 99% Run a Record Label

It's cold in the Occupation Records office - a UBS-owned building on Sun Street, now occupied by the activities of Occupy London. I drag myself out of the warmth of my bed - a half deflated air mattress and a bundle of sleeping bags - and reach for my phone whose ring has demanded I get up.
24/01/2012 23:12 GMT

Christmas at Occupy London

It's cold and it's wet out. That London drizzle, a phenomenon that lies somewhere between fog and sleet which London will suffer from nearly everyday until May has begun to come down. I'm in a queue of around 2,000 that has wrapped around St. Paul's for midnight mass, snaking through Occupy London's first tent city. I'm not a Christian, I left the church 15 years ago, but I've been feeling homesick lately, and find myself here, cold, and wet, and sick.
28/12/2011 22:15 GMT