Adele McCormack

Smashing Glass Ceilings on a daily basis

I am an accredited Coach with the IAPC&M and their Head of Professional Standards. I am also a qualified Social Worker and trained laughter workshop facilitator (yes there is such a thing) and have spent many years working in mental health and substance misuse services. I began my coaching journey after a significant turning point in my life. With an unhealthy lifestyle, unhappy at work and home, things looked bleak. A change in circumstance gave me the opportunity to train as a coach and my life has literally transformed. Since then I have ran 2 marathons, 3 half marathons, had two children, flown a plane, got a job promotion and is a ‘leading expert’ in bouncing around the room like an idiot most days. I love helping people to smash glass ceilings and believe #anythingispossible. People are doing extraordinary things daily and there is no reason why that cannot be YOU. If you are in need of a smashing good time and have stratospheric ambitions, then please get in touch