Adrian Kirk

Author and personal impact and communication preference training consultant

Adrian Kirk is a self awareness and personal impact training consultant and director of More Than Words. Working at the highest level for large corporate organisations across Europe and the Middle East, he specialises in teaching people the impact of vocal and physical manner, and the influence mind and emotion have on these.

He is also the author of the self-help novel Pieces of the Possible.

His training courses and seminars are designed to release innate potential and instil a mindset of confidence and success. After years of working with people on the purely technical aspect of presence and impact, Adrian recognised the importance of another factor which influences people’s ability to become who and what they wanted to become – the mind. In response he developed the Mindset Principle to reinforce the idea that what we think leads to how we act, which in turn creates the outcomes we experience. From that the seeds of Pieces of the Possible were born, and the possibility of positive change for a wider audience.

The truth is that change doesn’t start with a change of actions, but with a change of thoughts. Adrian isn’t just teaching the principle; he’s teaching a lesson he learned himself. Lying in a hospital bed recovering from a lifestyle-induced operation in 1995, Adrian decided it was time to make some changes of his own. His career seemed to have taken over his life, and so he decided to follow his heart and reconnect with a childhood memory of enjoyment. Once fit, he auditioned for a local amateur drama society and was offered one of the lead roles in an upcoming production. What followed were several years falling in love with the idea of being an actor. Eventually, he plucked up the courage to leave his old life behind and in 1998 went off to pursue his childhood dream: training to become an actor.

His business background served him well after leaving drama school, as he blended business know-how with new-found awareness of the impact of body, breath and voice. In 2001 he founded his own training consultancy, More Than Words, specialising in developing personal impact and presence. More Than Words now delivers a wide variety of communication and self-awareness trainings, focusing on how our mind and emotion influence us and how we behave, and how our physical and vocal expression influences how we are perceived by others.

Having created change in his own life and having worked with people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures to make some fundamental shifts in themselves, the self-development book Pieces of the Possible was written to bring his approach to a wider audience, and allow them to take charge of their own lives.

The title Pieces of the Possible is taken from one of Adrian’s mantras: ‘Resting between the dream of doing and the fear of failure lie the pieces of the possible’.

Adrian continues to work with people from all walks of life globally and is currently drafting a sequel to ‘Pieces of the Possible’.

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