Aidan Goggins

Pharmacist, nutritionist, author, consultant and pioneer of the rational

Aidan Goggins BPharm, MSc Nutr Med, MPSI

Aidan is a pharmacist with a Master's Degree in Nutritional. A pioneer of the 'modern day medicine' movement, he is a strong advocate of integrating nutritional and lifestyle changes to achieve exceptional wellbeing.

His book 'The Health Delusion' is a revolutionary exposure of the obfuscations which cloud the information we receive about health, and reveals a clear solution to these problems.

Appalled at the extent of the misinformation on health in the mainstream, Aidan dissects the nutrition and health en vogue under the banner of good science. With an engaging, witty, but resolute style, no-one is safe when it comes to the dissemination of poor health advice.

With a passion for sports nutrition Aidan stays abreast of the most cutting edge research for optimising athletic performance and recovery. Armed with a specialised knowledge he has devised many dietary and supplement regiments for a variety of athletes.

He is also found at, 'the antidote to poor health advice'.