Alan Boiston

TV Video Journalist and Commentator, Director of

The first experience of video gaming I can recall is being on holiday in the 1980’s playing an arcade machine and it literally blew my mind, racing in Sega’s Turbo cabinet to defending the galaxy on Atari’s Star Wars, powered by Vektor Grafix, This required a high level of concentration and dexterity to maximise that 10p credit, forcing players to improve their skills or fail in public fashion. These experiences were to outline my passions for films, games and motor sport in the years to come.

From playing my Amstrad CPC464 right through to the modern technology we see today, experience has developed and evolved as the years have gone by. From retail in selling games to reporting on them, to presenting a range of TV shows relating to the subject and now on ‘YouTube’.

Experience of over 18 years in the UK Games Industry and combining this with my motor sport passions I now run, a site focusing across the entire racing genre. From real motor racing to simulation and even Mario Kart, it’s all there and you can hear me ramble on the Team VVV ‘YouTube’ channel too.

30 years later and I’m enjoying racing games as much as ever, along with space experiences on the Oculus Rift and looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars films that are just around the corner, and I’ll share those thoughts and experiences on my exploits in my Huffington Post blogs.