Alan Sim

Executive Producer for EpicTV

Recently appointed to the position of Executive Producer for EpicTV’s in-house film team, Alan Sim is a BAFTA winning filmmaker with over 15 years experience directing, producing and formatting shows.

Meshing his experiences of working with major sporting brands such Nike, Adidas and Red Bull, with his history of producing and directing Reality TV Shows, Documentaries and Factual Entertainment Shows has provided with a unique background ideal for EpicTV films.

Over the past few months, Sim has been working closely with EpicTV’s Content Strategy Director, Ransu Salovaara, to continue to diversify the adventure sport and lifestyle content for the online channel, Specifically the likes of which is not covered by EpicTV’s global network of 350 filmmakers.

In his personal time, Alan has a continued involvement teaching camera and directing skills in Sierra Leone with the charity Way Out. He also worked with street gangs and ex-child soldiers in Freetown and other Sierra Leonean regions.

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May 24, 2017
May 12, 2014

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