Alison Powell

Penarth Times columnist and writer of articles, with my novel near completion.

I have been a columnist for the Penarth Times since 2015. I contribute to other newspapers and magazines, I blog and I am writing a novel. I love all things food, the history, the shopping, the cooking and most definitely the eating. I love theatre, ballet, books, travel and a good dance. I care about social justice, fairness, equality and food security. I feel passionately that we should all be just a bit kinder to one another. I particularly love Maya Angelou's advice that one should, 'Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.' and feel that if we followed quite a bit of what she said, the world would be a fairer, more just place for all. I am trying to do my bit, one blog or feature or chapter, at a time.