Alison Ward

The Life Guidance Mentor offering Intuitive Guidance and Practical solutions to bring you back to YOU

Warrior woman, survivor and thriver, loving life. Married to Wayne and mum of two dare to dreamers Sam 26, James 21, dogs Beano and Teddy Eddy, Alison loves sharing the wisdom gained from returning back to life and living following a Near Death Experience as she left her body in 1994 during a knife attack by a former partner and father of her child. Upon her return, she realised she had gifts of wisdom and connection; information pours through her constantly. Alison shares this information via her books* blogs or in her one to one personal development mentoring sessions. The "Beautiful gift in the ugly box" has been developed and nurtured over the years creating her life purpose and offering tools of transformation assisting you during your life challenge. An open, direct and often humorous style of writing endears the reader as they walk with Alison on her journey of life. A passionate endorser of mental health education, information and solutions are her areas of expertise due to her overcoming PTSD by applying the tools. * Awarded By Angels Bringing You Back To YOU Get That Friday Feeling and her first children's book: Where Is The Pot of Gold are her books on sale at