Andrew Bloxham

An illuminating look at the wonderful world of cricket.

A mere quantity surveyor by day, I morph in to a part-time cricketing journalist by night. Forever imparting my supposed knowledge and self-assured opinions of this king of games upon those with interest enough to read them, I contribute articles to the All Out Cricket magazine website, whilst giving my regular thoughts on a range of cricketing matters, and occasionally boxing, in my personal blog entitled 'Silly Point(s)''

Born in 1987, my childhood years were spent watching a hapless England cricket team being dismantled on an all too regular basis. Our Australian friends in particular left a lasting scar. Regardless, I was hooked. The mastery of Messrs Warne, Ponting and McGrath embedded a love for all forms of cricket that has endured with the advance of years.

As such, you can expect the majority of my blogs to cover this most quintessentially English of sports, though the odd curveball may get thrown in as and when the mood takes me.

Hailing from Birmingham, I am an Aston Villa FC and Warwickshire CCC supporter, though outside of my sporting obsession I take a keen interest in almost anything of historical significance and the natural world.

Enjoy, and feel free to follow me on Twitter @Andrew_Bloxham to catch up with my daily ramblings.