Andrew Heath

Entrepreneur focussed on improving workplace wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety at work with WeThrive. Happier people. Better results.

Serial entrepreneur developing and growing the WeThrive business near Brighton, UK.

I am very fortunate to work with the most amazing team at WeThrive - every day we move mountains together. With a shared vision - to make as many people happier at work as possible around the world.

This sounds like an audacious goal but every month the working lives of 1000s of people get better because of what we do. My role is to spread the word, connect with like-minded people and keep our thriving team on track.

Everything we do is focussed on delighting our customers and their staff. Everyday is different but as the working world rapidly wakes up to the idea that work must meet the needs of people, that long-term stress and anxiety is unsustainable and damaging to peoples' mental wellbeing we are super busy.

Always open to talk to anyone with an interest in this area - or connect with me on LinkedIn.