Andrew Saunders

Senior Vice President, Creative Content at Getty Images

Andrew Saunders, Vice President, Creative Content, at Getty Images directs the creation of imagery and footage used in award-winning advertising, design and editorial around the world. Working closely with photographers, filmmakers and art directors globally, Andrew plays a critical role in ensuring that Getty Images is continually evolving and provides fresh relevant content, which in turn engages and inspires communicators around the globe. His foresight into cultural and societal trends that shape visual communications drives Getty Images’ creative offering.
Andrew began his career at Tony Stone Images in 1991 following five years as a commercial photographer. Within Tony Stone Images, and subsequently Getty Images, he provided a major hand in leading the evolution of pre-shot imagery from the traditional stock photo editor approach into what has become the accepted norm - a global creative team of researchers and art directors that are closely aligned with the methods of an advertising agency. While he trained as a photographer, Andrew's particular expertise lies in being able to apply the trends that he and his team see in advertising and in society, to the forging of the next generation of photography.