Anthony Lorenzo

Writer, copywriter, pontificator

I'm Anthony, a journalist and copywriter.

I studied law at King's College London, before doing an NCTJ at News Associates after realising writing was the bigger passion while editing The King's Bench.

I'm interested in all things legal and political, especially crime, human rights, race and LGBT affairs.

I'm a lover of books to the extent that when younger, I would nibble on the pages. I do not do this any more, I promise.

I like to write a mixture of the serious and the frivolous, which while describing what makes my pen quiver, happily indicates my personality. Themes touching on race and the LGBT community interest me, probably because I'm gay, black and narcissistic.

For a time, I edited the opinions section of, as well as contributing articles.

I spend most of my time on a boat, writing, baking, teaching my puppy to talk and trying to understand human behaviour. I'm hoping to win the Booker Prize one day.

Further work of mine can be found at

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