Benjamin Bonetti

Bestselling self-help author and celebrity hypnotist

Using the three pillars of success, Benjamin Bonetti, bestselling self-help author and celebrity hypnotherapist, helps people to become a better version of themselves in Fitness, Well-being and Nutrition.

Benjamin’s no-nonsense and practical advice has been regarded as refreshing and inspiring within the arena of self –development.

He utilizes hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming to change thinking patterns and inspires others to take massive action, through a number of tools designed to change the mind-set.

In 2012 Benjamin became the leading BBC Self-Help Audiobooks author with a new advanced range of hypnosis audios reaching the Top Ten Charts within just a few weeks after release. The Easy Way range includes the titles; Weight Loss, Original Gastric Band, Confidence, Self Esteem and 7 other titles.

In 2013, Wiley’s Publishers released the first of two of Benjamin’s published books – How to Change Your Life, which was WH-Smiths 23rd bestselling non-fiction book over the Christmas and New Year period. His second book “How to Stress Less” (August release) is predicted to achieve similar success.

Ex Military - Benjamin has appeared in a number of magazines, radio and TV features as the “Celebrity Secret Weapon”, including; The Sun, BBC Radio, Metro Magazine, The Irish Times, Friday Magazine, Bookish, HR Grapevine, Diets In Shape, Slim At Home, Decision Business Magazine, The Gulf News, The Best You, Celebrity Wife Swap and Latest 7 Magazine.

Philanthropist Bonetti also sponsors a team of models and athletes, demonstrating what an individual can achieve - not only in their fitness, but also in their well-being and health…by following his own advice.