Bettina Moltrecht

PhD Candidate at the Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU), University College London

Bettina is a PhD Candidate at the Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU), based across University College London and the Anna Freud National Centre in London. Her research focuses on emotion regulation as a transdiagnostic factor in the prevention and treatment of psychopathology. As part of her PhD she explores innovative, technology-based approaches to enhance emotion regulation skills in young people ( Furthermore, she works with longitudinal datasets to investigate the role of emotion regulation and psychopathology in childhood development. Bettina completed a BSc in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. In 2013 she joined the Emotion and Emotion Regulation Lab at the University of California, Berkeley as a visiting scholar, where she investigated the effects of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy on different mental health outcomes. Bettina is also an experienced clinical psychologist (CBT/DBT) who has worked in- and out-patient settings with both children and adults.

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