B.J. Epstein

Senior lecturer in literature and public engagement, University of East Anglia

B.J. Epstein is a lecturer in literature and public engagement at the University of East Anglia in England, where she specialises in children's literature, queer literature and literary translation. Her new book, Are the Kids All Right?, is about how LGBTQ characters are portrayed in children's literature and what this says about society. It is available at: She is also the author of a book on how figurative language is translated in children's literature and a textbook for use in English as a foreign language classrooms and she is the editor of a book on Nordic translation.
B.J. is also a writer, editor, and Swedish-to-English translator. She has published over 160 articles, essays, reviews and short stories in a variety of publications and has translated a number of books and many other texts.
She can be reached through and is on Twitter as bjepstein.