Caroline Paige

Armed Forces Veteran (RAF), Diversity and Inclusion Adviser, Keynote Speaker, Role Model, Writer

Caroline Paige is 55 and retired from the Royal Air Force in Nov 2014 after a 35 year flying career. She was the first Officer to transition gender in the British military, the first openly serving transgender woman to deploy on military operations including Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan

She played a significant role in promoting transgender equality and inclusion in the UK Armed Forces for 16 years following her own transition in 1999. Caroline became an Equality and Diversity Adviser for the military in 2000 and trained as a Mentor. She was a pivotal member of the RAF LGBT Freedom Network advice and support group and a keynote speaker at several conferences for military personnel throughout the UK. She remains a member of the Freedom Network as its Veterans Member.

Caroline is a member of Military Speakers, a specialist agency providing keynote, motivation and after dinner speakers for corporate, industry and public sector events. Since 2015 she has also been a School Role Model as part of Stonewall's School Champions Programme

She is also an advocate of openly inclusive service for transgender personnel in the US Armed Forces. In 2014/15 she provided experience-based advice to The Palm Center, San Francisco State University, regarding a national commission providing ‘Implementation Guidance For The Inclusion Of Openly-Serving Transgender Personnel In The US Military'. She also participated as a key panel-member for an International Conference discussing 'Perspectives On Transgender Military Service From Around The Globe,' held in Washington DC, co-sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union and The Palm Center.

Additional contributions have included:
A Radio interview, with BBC/PRI The World Host Marco Werman.
A TV Documentary Interview, with TransMilitary Host and Producer Fiona Dawson
An Op-ed for CNN, co-authored with Petty Officer Landon Wilson, titled 'Both Transgender, But Unequal Paths In Military Service',

Dry Your Eyes Princess Exhibition, Museum of Liverpool, Jan 2015. A military social history project depicting trans veterans.
Why Transgender Military Service Can Never Be

Why Transgender Military Service Can Never Be Trumped

President Trump won't prevent transgender service, his declared aim is to remove those personnel already serving. Those people who trusted their country and stepped forward when told they could, without fear, now face losing more than their jobs. Taking away their income, their homes, their security and their future will leave them extremely vulnerable. And the US Armed Forces won't be in a rush to do that.
31/07/2017 10:08 BST
LGBT History Month - A Military

LGBT History Month - A Military Snapshot

Does today's LGBT community truly only want to hear from LGBT personnel who are fortunate enough to have never served in the days when their livelihood and future was at risk purely for being LGBT? Perhaps it does.
02/03/2016 11:55 GMT
Transitioning Gender: Someone Else's

Transitioning Gender: Someone Else's Hero?

Recently some social media posts have been questioning definitions of heroism and bravery by comparing two pictures, a US world class athlete and a US soldier; a seemingly reasonable comparison of heroes. So why do the posts acknowledge the bravery and heroism of the soldier but ridicule that of the athlete?
15/06/2015 16:32 BST
Transitioning Gender in the UK

Transitioning Gender in the UK Military

It wasn't easy transitioning gender in the military, it wasn't easy being a trailblazer or role model, but I am proud of all I did, and I am honoured to have served alongside the amazing people who helped get me there.
24/03/2015 17:44 GMT