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Caroline Thain

Journalist, writer and mum of four

Slummy mummy. News, features and opinion national/online journalist. Creative copy and content writer. (Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, Sunday Mirror and Closer) Interests include juggling, eating fish fingers quickly while standing up and picking things up off the floor.
The Real Reasons We Don't Talk About Baby

The Real Reasons We Don't Talk About Baby Loss

I am glad it still hurts because it should. I am encouraged that we are getting slightly better at talking about babies we have loved and lost. Whether or not we lost a baby in the womb, whether that baby died during pregnancy or after, in childhood or beyond...
01/02/2017 16:58 GMT
How to Irritate a Woman With Severe Pregnancy

How to Irritate a Woman With Severe Pregnancy Sickness

Language is fundamental to how supported we feel. Misery is worsened by random friends or associates offering comments, showing they lack understanding. But if you still wish to irk a mum with hyperemesis, say these...
30/06/2016 16:14 BST
A Dr Seuss Guide to Life (To Mark His 111th

A Dr Seuss Guide to Life (To Mark His 111th Birthday)

When it comes to living in the moment, thinking positively, meeting personal goals or believing in our right to be who we truly are, his fun wisdom rules! To celebrate what would have been Dr Seuss's 111th birthday today (March 02, 2015), here are 11 inspiring quotes from the original literary life coach.
02/03/2015 16:33 GMT
A 'Frozen' Guide to Surviving Valentine's

A 'Frozen' Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day

From thinking of getting engaged, to finding a date or working out what to do on the evening itself, this advice, inspired by Disney's 'Frozen' film, will help make your Valentine's Day a success.
09/02/2015 14:37 GMT
Good on The Sun: Page Three Is Harmless

Good on The Sun: Page Three Is Harmless Fun

As a woman, a journalist and a mum, I don't 'get' what the fuss is all about over page three. Comments about tomorrow's chip paper, poor little crack whores and sexual discrimination do not faze me. They do not convince most discerning consumers.
23/01/2015 11:10 GMT
Top Teething Toys for

Top Teething Toys for Babies

Which to try? So much blurb ... BPA free. Silicone free. PVC free. Painted with natural colouring from organic vegetables. No unethical plastic but tenderly sourced rubber from the happiest of trees!
06/01/2015 16:52 GMT
Top 'Invisible' Presents for

Top 'Invisible' Presents for Kids

I don't mean don't actually buy anything. But choose something that doesn't take up vast parental energy and room or involve marathon opening/building sessions. When storage is an issue, you need to maximise every millimetre.
08/12/2014 14:22 GMT
'Britain's Biggest Family' Mother's Stillborn Grave Robbery

'Britain's Biggest Family' Mother's Stillborn Grave Robbery 'Shock'

The grieving mother of 'Britain's biggest family' has described her "shock and sadness", after her stillborn baby son's shoes were stolen from his grave. It is the latest cruel blow for the Radfords, from Lancashire, who were made famous by Channel 4 television documentary<em> '16 Kids And Counting'. </em>
09/09/2014 14:05 BST
The Ex Factor: Sod's

The Ex Factor: Sod's Law

It's the law - the Sod's Law of stumbling into someone you once loved or shagged. And of course, the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. When you run into him/her, you can count on this..
01/09/2014 12:43 BST
10 Ways Dads Can

10 Ways Dads Can 'Breastfeed'

Feeling slightly inadequate or left out is normal. You may sense that you are missing something special, by not being able to feed the baby. You might experience a perceived (or real) loss of intimacy, as your lover's role is reframed... So, it is helpful to know there are many ways you can 'breastfeed' the baby!
05/08/2014 13:02 BST
Top 20 Songs to Breast Pump

Top 20 Songs to Breast Pump To

Sticking a sucker on your breast and squeezing the milk out, is not the most fun job you'll do as a mum. Yet it's often a necessary task. So, when I recently found myself 'getting my pump on', I fancied some musical inspiration.
25/07/2014 12:41 BST
12 Things NOT to Say to a Mum Whose Child Is

12 Things NOT to Say to a Mum Whose Child Is Sick

Try to find some time for yourself. Oh right. Golly, I hadn't thought of that! You are sooooo right. I do need sleep. And food. Who knew? If I could have more rest/time to eat and sleep, then believe me, I sodding would. With or without this incredible insight, top tip and humble permission of yours!
24/07/2014 17:14 BST