Catherine Capon

I'm a British wildlife adventurer and naturalist who is passionate about ecotourism

Catherine Capon, better known as Cat, is hugely passionate about inspiring others to travel to the untouched corners of our planet. Her aim is to promote ecotourism and re-engage people in the natural world. She believes that spending time with wild animals is the key to encouraging us to live more consciously on our planet. Prompted by her early fascination with the outdoors, Cat went on to study Ecology and Zoology at Imperial College London, where she couldn't wait to observe animals in their natural habitat. Her first expedition saw her studying bats in Honduras and it was during this time, separated from all of modern life’s ‘necessities’, that she became fiercely protective of the wildlife around her. Cat’s life since university has seen her working in wildlife film-making and sustainability communication. In her last role, she worked closely with Richard Branson and his family who pushed her even further in her ambitions to travel and raise awareness for important international conservation causes. Determined to encourage holiday makers to do something more adventurous in their time off work, Cat is currently embarking on a project to write about, film and photograph wildlife hotspots around the planet. Her adventures are documented on her vacation inspiration website