Cheryl Rickman

Flourisher, Author of The Flourish Handbook & Ghostwriter

Cheryl Rickman is a Hampshire-based author/ghostwriter, "flourisher" and free-range home-worker. Her practical books and products empower and enable people to enjoy and appreciate their lives more, boost their well-being, start-up in business, pursue their purpose and reach their potential. Cheryl's latest book, The Flourish Handbook, is a compelling and easy-to-digest practical guide on how to flourish; packed with worksheets, guidance, to-do lists and planners to help people find their forte, boost their positivity, and bolster their resilience, mindfulness and gratitude. Drawing on extensive research and her own methods of coping with adversity and tragedy, achieving dreams, and harnessing the power of gratitude, The Flourish Handbook is about much more than merely achieving happiness. It's based on the five pillars of well-being as set out by leading positive psychologists: positive emotion, engagement, supportive relationships, meaningful purpose, and achievement. Meanwhile, The 7-Step Flourish Challenge has been designed to help busy people to flourish. It provides a comprehensive workbook along with daily e-mail reminders to maximise positivity, minimise negativity, bolster resilience, focus and action steps towards growth and achievement. Follow Cheryl on twitter

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Seven Things I Want My Seven Year Old Daughter to

Seven Things I Want My Seven Year Old Daughter to Know

As a young girl there's plenty about the world that I don't want her to know about yet (as my scrambling for the remote to switch away from inappropriate TV reveals). Equally though, there's some wisdom and guidance she should know now, over half-way (wait, what?) through her pre-teen childhood. So here it is.
15/06/2015 14:40 BST
Why Giving Thanks Is

Why Giving Thanks Is Life-Giving

Jo is the epitome of human strength, courage and love. Her daily commitment to focusing her attention on being thankful can teach us all a thing or two about gratitude. Giving thanks is giving Jo her life back by reminding her what she still has right now. As such, gratitude is incredibly powerful and comforting.
26/11/2014 13:23 GMT
Why Loving Yourself Is as Important as Loving

Why Loving Yourself Is as Important as Loving Others

o be effective in your kindness, must you always put others' needs and feelings in front of your own? As parents and/or siblings and/or carers, we may often and should often do that. Yet isn't it important to take a more balanced approach?
10/02/2014 14:59 GMT
Walking Into Well-Being: The Power of The Gratitude

Walking Into Well-Being: The Power of The Gratitude Walk

Each morning I walk myself into a state of well-being and away from my worries. I walk myself into new ideas, creative solutions and immense gratitude for what I have. With each step I feel empowered. But why is my gratitude walk so powerful?
11/09/2013 13:35 BST