Chris Lloyd

Technical Director at 27partners, a proactive digital architect responsible for large-scale video and digital transformation projects.

Chris is an enthusiastic and proactive digital architect, responsible for the design and implementation of large-scale video and digital transformation projects. Chris regularly engages with c-level executives to evaluate and provide relevant solutions to business problems and helps customers understand the future direction of video technology. He is a regular speaker at both broadcast and internal communications conferences, inspiring digital change including video deployments across major enterprises such as Nestlé and consumer broadcasters throughout Europe.

Previously at Kontiki, Chris was the infrastructure team leader in developing the original iPlayer. He managed the deployment and integration of custom-built services including ingest, digital rights management, storage and playout.

Chris left Kontiki in 2012 to start 27partners, providing consulting and technology services within the video and digital services sector. Since then he has been involved in both the Barclays and Unilever Kontiki projects.