Christina Franks

Published writer and London based working mum who blogs under the name Reprobate Mum

Reprobate Mum has two children, Jonah and Ava, rapidly approaching their tweens and a beleaguered other half, Tom who holds them all together despite the rest of the family’s best efforts.

A full time London working mother, Reprobate Mum is a published writer with articles in the Sunday Times Magazine, Marie Claire, La Reppublica, Mumsnet and a host of other online publications, writing about everything from relationships to money, parenting to sex and mental health to evolution.

An ex pole-dancing journalist with a penchant for words, Reprobate Mum believes that at she may have cheated the system by having children while she was cheap. She thinks most London children suffer from far too much attention, a trap she fell into with her first born and is trying to remedy with programme of benign neglect, good nutrition and hard parental graft. With an assortment of childminders, they just about make ends meet and have finally bought a proper house with a postage stamp back garden in East London. They’re Hackney dwellers, which probably explains everything.

Follow her cast of real life characters on her blog, or on Twitter @ReprobateMum