Claire Brummell

International coach, mentor and specialist in femininity, masculinity, dating, polarity and relationships

International Coach, Mentor and Specialist in the Fields of Femininity, Masculinity, Dating, Polarity & Relationships, Claire Brummell (founder of & has a passion for helping people transform their relationships in every area of life.

Claire understands that relationships are the key to success, enjoyment and fulfillment in business, life AND love, and provides easy to understand and simply to apply tools and techniques to help improve any relationship. Her insights, advice and training can help anyone to create fantastic, strong, mutually fulfilling relationships whether it’s with your customers and clients at work, or your intimate partner at home.

Claire’s particular area of expertise is navigating the differences between men and women, and how by appreciating and understanding these differences they can help us to build stronger mutually fulfilling relationships, rather than creating miscommunication, misunderstandings and conflict.

Claire works with women all over the world to help them recognise the power in embracing their femininity while still being true to themselves. She helps women to understand and discover the balance of feminine and masculine that is right for them and to learn how to become an empowered feminine woman in business, life and love. Claire also helps women to understand, communicate with and relate better to the men in their lives to create relationships that work for both parties and where everyone’s needs are met.

Claire also works with men to help them reclaim their masculinity and to understand how to show up in a way that the women in their life will respond to. She helps men to better understand what goes on inside a woman’s heart and mind, how to meet their needs and how to reclaim their masculine presence in a way that is authentic and not overbearing.

Combining these two areas Claire helps men and women to understand the power of polarity in relationships helping both singles and couples to see how discovering and embodying their respective masculine or feminine presence can make them magnetically attractive and really ignite the spark of passion in members of the opposite sex, as well as how to understand and respond better to their different needs and desires. She helps people to create fantastic, mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationships by helping each person to understand the other and how to meet their needs….and in return get their own met too.

Creator of the programs “The First Steps to Transforming Any Relationship”, “The Feminine Evolution”, and “Femininity for the Single Woman: How to Attract the Relationship You Desire and Deserve”, and Founder of, and, Claire is an accomplished speaker as well as a coach and mentor who has helped people in countries around the world transform their lives and relationships.

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