Dan Howie

Rowing in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Dan, 28, is a chartered surveyor who works in London. He has always been a sporting enthusiast and has taken part in events such as marathons, half marathons and endurance cycling events. Having never rowed before, he signed up to row in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge two years ago, and from 2nd December, he will spend at least eight weeks rowing two hours on, two hours off, 24 hours per day, with teammate Will, against 15 teams from around the world.

Will and Dan (Team Atlantic Row 2013) will row in an open top ocean rowing boat 9m long by 2m wide without any assistance. There will be one cabin smaller than a single bed for rest and shelter and the guys will endure tropical storms, sleep deprivation, sweltering heat and the psychological stresses of living and working in such a dangerous and unpredictable environment, as well as waves over 40 feet high. They will burn approximately 8,000 calories per day, losing around 20% of their body weight throughout the course of the race.