Daniel M. Cooke

London based student and writer.

I was born and then raised in Huddersfield, I am a philosophy student of King’s College London and I am currently studying overseas at The University of California, Berkeley. I am a keen traveller with aspirations of writing my way around the world; however for the time being my main interests lie with the arts of comedy and story telling. In line with this I have set up a blog that serves as a place for myself, my friends and my peers to display their writing of a particular style that I tend towards in one rather dashing place.

I have recently been enjoying to write reviews, short stories and articles but I have also been testing myself with a bit of stand-up comedy (both in London and San Francisco) which has served as a particularly sketchy, but rather interesting platform to talk to people about things which I find to be particularly funny, things which are actually funny, and things which I think might not be that funny but things the Americans might like because it’s in a quite a strong Yorkshire accent, and they tend to lap that up in lieu of actual material.

In conclusion, I like to write, I like to travel and I’m found funny by certain people in certain places at certain times.