Danny Bowman

Pragmatic political mind and a mental health and pro NHS Campaigner

I have worked for numerous MPs as a caseworker and made many contacts in Westminster.

Being able to start a mental health campaign has been an incredible opportunity. The campaign has successfully developed international fame, allowing myself to appear in news outlets such as Time Magazine, Sydney Herald, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and on the infamous blog of Perez Hilton.

Having been on national and international TV in America, South America and Europe, promoting mental health.

These news outlets shared my story of being the world’s first selfie addict; making it go global, reaching countries even as far as Pakistan and Australia.

I believe in having a pragmatic approach to mental health and the NHS, despite being a member of a political party. I feel it is vital to be able to speak out against government policy when I can see inequality and injustice.
I stand for young people and spreading an honest message to all corners of the country.