David Dodd

Creative entrepreneur and life hacker

In March 2013 I took the decision to leave my London home, wave goodbye to the friends and family I love and the small creative business I founded and go in search of a new direction for my life. I wasn't unhappy, I wasn't unsuccessful, I was bored.

I decided to spend the next 12 months with a radically new approach to life: I would try something different every single week, leading a nomadic existence, learning new skills, sampling different cultures and generally living outside my comfort zone for an entire year. Without the warm cozy shell of my life and career, I hoped I could learn how to be more creative, more productive and maybe even a better person. I also hoped to be a bit less bored.

Call it a life hack, call it a career break, call it a midlife crisis (don't though, I'm only 32), call it what you like, all I know is that I'm spending this year trying a new 'thing' every 7 days, sharing my experiences and insight at and seeing if, by planning little, experimenting lots and aiming for nothing, I can arrive at something new. What that something is, I'm not so sure, but the something before it is called Flux, and it is the opposite of boring!

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