David Kingsbury

Love sport. Love food. Love London. A Personal Trainer and Part-time (read amateur) Triathlete in Central London

Introduced to sport at an early age by his father, David’s enthusiasm for physical activity is unstoppable. Growing up in Cambridgeshire, he mainly competed in Rugby. Playing regularly for both his school and local rugby club, David was talent spotted by a national academy giving him access to elite coaching, a vigorous strength and conditioning programme, and a fixture list of notable home and international opponents.

After a year of competing at university level, David’s rugby playing became beset by injury eventually requiring surgery on his hips. Over the months of physiotherapy that followed and with a comeback unlikely, David’s admiration for his coaching team kindled new ambitions. As he studied exercise physiology and biomechanics (David has a first class honours degree from the University of Wales), he began to develop his own coaching philosophy and his commitment to evidence-based training became firmly established.

David decided to study further, and qualified as an advanced personal trainer. Building on his exercise science knowledge base and first hand experience of injury rehabilitation, David could see the benefits of postural symmetry and a strong core to efficiently support human movement. He consequently found himself drawn towards Pilates as an exercise form. He spent the next two years working at one of London’s top reformer Pilates institutes, clocking-up over 3,500 teaching hours. During this time, David also completed studies in pre- and post-natal exercise prescription, GP referral, and exercise for the management of lower back pain.

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