David Plans

CEO at BioBeats- digital health and artificial intelligence startup that specialises in creating corporate and personal wellness solutions

David is an adaptive media researcher and entrepreneur. In his early career and doctoral work, he looked to computational intelligence, in particular genetic co-evolution, to create reflexive media systems that imitated and queried the nature of human creativity.

He created the first European merger for Open Source startups and helped the National Health Service one of the first mobile applications to let users self-report in chronic illness.

He has given papers and performances at the International Computer Music Conference, the European Conference on Artificial Life, IRCAM, the Darwin Symposium, and the Computer Arts Society in London, and more recently, has published on human emotion in play (affective modelling for games) in IEEE Computational Intelligence transactions and Frontiers Journal of Human Neuroscience.

His industrial work, which has focused on creating mobile applications for mental health, is now focused on, a startup in San Francisco/London/Pisa that builds artificial intelligence solutions for human wellbeing in both consumer and insurance/workforce management.