Diana Moran

The Green Goddess, Britain's foremost fitness guru for the over fifties, sixties, seventies and anyone in the prime of their life

And stretch………Diana Moran is TV’s original fitness guru as The Green Goddess with the BBC and is an all-round television and radio personality with a career that has embraced success in many areas. She was the first person to launch Breakfast Television in the UK and her successful career as a fitness guru has spanned four decades.

Diana is as much in demand in 2014 as she was in 1983. She has a weekly agony advice show on The Wireless an online radio station for grown ups - dedicated to playing a mix of music, entertainment and information, to improve later life in the UK.
She runs her own website PrimeTimeLife.TV as a community for men and women - in the prime of their lives - offering information and support from a team of experts in health, wellbeing, finance and nutrition.
She has her own video - EasiFit - Ease into Fitness featuring her trademark ‘EasiFit’ exercises. The fitness program, consists of simple exercises specially designed for a market that’s largely neglected by the fitness industry - for those later on in life; who haven’t exercised in a while or just can’t do the type of exercise they used to. The new DVD involves a range of exercises, specially designed for the less active participant, from the comfort of the living room, even sitting down. Available through all good online stores and is an extensive traveler lecturing throughout the world on Cruises - with 3 alone in 2013.

She continues to educate women of all ages on keeping healthy - but especially targets her message to 'Women Who Weren't Born Yesterday'. She says "Women like me have so much to do in the rest of our lives - we're not as young as we used to be, but we're not as old as some people think we should be! We know that staying healthy means we enjoy our lives so much more – and there are no quick fixes – we weren’t born yesterday!
Versatility is Diana's forte - and was recently seen starring in the world famous Record Breaking Calendar Girls
Unbelievably, 2014 will see Diana enjoying her 75th birthday – despite looking at least thirty years younger! She is a testimony to healthy living and has been dubbed Britain’s Jane Fonda! A firm favourite with celebrities and world leaders alike
Diana has published 11 health related books and has many videos and DVDs to her credit. Most recently saw the publication of 3 books, “Fresh Face”, “Live Longer Feel Younger” (exclusive to Marks & Spencer) and “Live Longer Feel Younger Look Great - all published by Hamlyn.

She is heavily involved in the charity field, playing a lead role in many major charities, especially those concerned with cancer and older people. As a Lady Taverner she helps give young people with special needs a sporting chance. Recently she returned from China after successfully completing the “Trek China Challenge” on behalf of Breast Cancer Care. She has been president of Osteoporosis Dorset for the past ten years.

A keen artist, Diana was born and bred in the West Country. She has two sons and 4 grandchildren.