Dominic Haslam

Director of Policy and Strategic Programme Support for the development charity Sightsavers

Dominic has worked in international development for twenty years and is Director of Programme and Policy Strategy at Sightsavers. In his position Dominic is responsible for setting Sightsavers’ programme strategy, including overseeing thematic strategy, technical capability, external influencing, research and evidence and institutional relationships.

Dominic has been with Sightsavers since 2006. He strongly believes that it is possible to combine a systems-strengthening approach with the delivery of concrete change in the lives of communities Sightsavers works with.

Dominic sits on the board of the International Disability and Development Consortium and is very active in civil society efforts to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals, including what many would consider an unhealthy interest in indicators. He is keen to ensure, that unlike the current MDGs, disabled people are included in international development framework beyond 2015.

You can follow Dom on Twitter @domhaslam123