Dominique Major

Teacher, sewer, adventure enthusiast

Teacher, sewer, adventure enthusiast

Five Reasons the Great British Sewing Bee Should Inspire You to Start Sewing

The <em>Great British Sewing Bee</em> is back and this means one of two things. You're either swooning over Patrick Grant being back on the TV or you're wishing you could make your own clothes. While I can't help you with the first one here are five reasons you should stop wishing and start doing... 
16/05/2016 19:47 BST

Why You Should Mark Fashion Revolution Week By Making Your Own Clothes

Sewing your own clothes allows you to take back ownership of your wardrobe. You can start making clothes that suit you, made from fabrics you choose, rather than being shaped by what retailers tell you you want... The first step to improving the ethical quality of the fashion industry is yours to take.
19/04/2016 16:51 BST