Donnachadh McCarthy

Author, broadcaster and journalist

Donnachadh McCarthy is an author, broadcaster and journalist on environmental issues. His home in Camberwell was London’s first carbon negative house. It has solar hot-water, solar electric, wind-turbine, rain-harvester, wood burner and solid-wall insulation.

Donnachadh was Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats during the two years leading up to the Iraq War and a member of the party’s Federal Executive for 7 years. Donnachadh was the on-screen eco-auditor for the hit BBC 2 TV series, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, ITV’s “How Green is Your House” and Sky’s Green Britain Week. He is currently a member of no political party.

He runs the environmental consultancy 3 Acorns Eco-audits and is co-founder of the radical Stop Killing Cyclists campaign group which is staging the National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence on Oxford Street in November 2014. He is currently completing his third book “The Prostitute State”.

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