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Ioannis Glinavos

Senior Lecturer in Law

Ioannis Glinavos is Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Westminster. He studied at Essex (LLB) and Kent (LLM, PhD) before taking a Teaching Fellowship at SOAS (Contract Law). He then held lectureships at Kingston (Contract Law) and Reading (Company and Commercial Law). Ioannis has published two books with Routledge (2010, 2013) and a series of articles on Law and Development, Law and Economics and Investment Arbitration. Ioannis is a frequent contributor to social media, blogs and news sites on law, economics and politics.
A Note Of Thanks To Mr

A Note Of Thanks To Mr Heaton-Harris

I start my classes by declaring my affiliations, background and beliefs to the extent that they touch upon the subject of the day. I offer my students a range of literature, admit which works I agree with and encourage students to disagree with me, to prove me wrong.
25/10/2017 17:30 BST
Brexit And The High Cost Of

Brexit And The High Cost Of Promises

The message for those thinking of pursuing claims against the British government in international tribunals for losses caused by a probable hard or no-deal Brexit is clear: Find out what Toyota and Nissan got and ask for the same. Evidence of government promises added to wholesale changes brought about by Brexit could lead to hefty compensation pay-outs. Brexit could spawn a legal morass and economic disaster in more ways than you think.
20/07/2017 12:42 BST
A Letter To My

A Letter To My Students

Young voters have a power in this election they never had before. They can make their future. Irfan and the rest of my students can end May this June.
06/06/2017 11:46 BST
Trust the

Trust the Leader

The Conservative message is: Vote for a strong leader, trust in the strong leader to do something you will approve of. You need no evidence to back this up.
19/05/2017 11:39 BST
Controlling The Narrative Of

Controlling The Narrative Of Failure

Many ask how can we resist the rising tide of nationalism and populism around the world? Is resistance possible when extremists pre-empt condemnation of their failures, by blaming enemies within and without? Theresa May this week declared war on Brussels and prominent Leave supporters on social media have started blaming Remainers for Brexit failures to come.
10/05/2017 12:04 BST
Turn Left For Présidente Le

Turn Left For Présidente Le Pen

The 8th of May is a bank holiday in France. If you were a left-leaning voter, would you go vote for a 'banker', or would you go to the beach for the three day weekend? Those who are excited about their candidates turn out to vote. Le Pen, unfortunately, has a lot of excited supporters. Macron has a lot of 'anyone but Le Pen' supporters. Are you still feeling confident about a Macron win?
26/04/2017 11:45 BST
No-Deal Brexit And

No-Deal Brexit And Fear

What would be the result of zero tariffs for our British lamp manufacturer? They would be able to import their components with ease, but their exports would hit the same costs as one faces now when trading overseas.
17/03/2017 12:05 GMT
The Time Has Come To Cut Greece

The Time Has Come To Cut Greece Loose

The Greece I grew up in was a very different place form the one you see today. I will not bore you with statistics that you can easily see elsewhere, but I can tell you this: It did not feel like Northern Europe. Things were basic, but progressing steadily during the 1980s, and despite the occasional hiccup, people got progressively richer and life was gradually becoming easier.
06/03/2017 00:48 GMT
All Hat And No Cattle: Is Trump's Bullying Of Manufacturers Just Empty

All Hat And No Cattle: Is Trump's Bullying Of Manufacturers Just Empty Threats?

Is Mr Trump likely to act on his threats and use his Twitter feed as a blueprint for policy? It is very doubtful that this is anything other than posturing. However, Mr Trump has clearly shown us one thing: he has a very different understanding of trade relations that any other American President in living memory.
06/01/2017 16:35 GMT
A Trumpian Deal, And The Path To The Next Financial

A Trumpian Deal, And The Path To The Next Financial Crisis

American voters, by electing Donald Trump, thought they were voting for more protection, stricter controls, a harder attitude towards Wall Street and more emphasis on the 'real' economy. Trump's transition plans will deliver precisely the opposite.
23/11/2016 16:57 GMT