Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan

A physiologist, sleep and stress management expert with the Nightingale Hospital

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan is a physiologist, sleep and stress management expert who works to improve people’s sleep quality and energy levels. She helps everyone from burnt-out City workers, stressed-out mums, Premiership footballers and MPs.

Nerina runs sleep and wellness programmes at the Nightingale Hospital and is the author of Tired but Wired (Souvenir Press Ltd, June 2010). She completed her doctorate in physiology at King’s College London, a postdoctoral fellowship at University College London and is currently a Research Fellow at Ashridge Business School.

Nerina has a strong belief that everyone can live a healthy and more fulfilling life by tapping into and nurturing their deepest inner resources – even in these hectic times that we live in. She is also a mother, wife, climber, meditator and compulsive bookworm.