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Dr. Peter Ferentzy

Author of Dealing with Addiction - Why The 20th Century Was Wrong

Peter Ferentzy, Ph.D. and author of Dealing with Addiction – Why The 20th Century Was Wrong, is an addiction expert and a crackhead out to take on the system.

Who is the Addict? Part Two

A few days back, I published a piece right here titled: What's in a Word, and Who is the Addict? I really only dealt with the first part of the question: semantic pros and cons pertaining to word usage. This time, I wish the address the second question - a far more difficult question than the first.
06/07/2013 14:58 BST

What's in a Word, and Who is the Addict?

So I use the term 'addict' to describe a certain type of person. Many object to this designation. For one, there is stigma attached to it. Practically everyone you know has been carried away at some point by some poison - exercise, love, sex, gambling, tobacco, coffee, food, booze, dope, work - some object that everyone is (or has been) an addict. Hence, according to some, the label is meaningless.
02/07/2013 12:21 BST

Drug Legalization Revisited - Time to Get Serious About What That Means

Many who oppose the legalization of harder drugs (e.g., heroin, cocaine) paint some pretty farfetched images. Take a ten year old walking over to a candy dispenser, and then walking away with some crack. Or, less farfetched: people buying what they please over the counter at convenience stores.
28/06/2013 15:42 BST

'Drug Related Violence' - A Misnomer We Can Do Without

All over the media, we hear talk of <em>drug related violence.</em> On the streets of Western democracies, in the jungles of Latin America, and elsewhere, people do seem to fight over drugs and the money they can generate.
27/06/2013 11:06 BST

Keeping Drugs Illegal Does Not Protect Children

Illegal drugs are easier for young people to get than legal ones. True today, this was also true when I was a teen. Even at the age of 13, any illegal drug you wanted was just one 14 year old away. Alcohol purchases, on the other hand, required some work.
07/12/2012 12:17 GMT

Addiction Beat: Learning From the Red Cross

For too long, people have been told that harm reduction - offering help of any kind - is in fact bad for the problem substance user. This one preachy bit of tripe is something our society can do without. Then, finally, more and more honest and practical decisions will be made.
31/10/2012 17:28 GMT

Addiction Beat - We Need Truth, Not Points of View and Personal Anecdotes

Many seem to like my recently published book on addiction. Here's what I often get: "Dr. Ferentzy offers an interesting and challenging perspective ..." In such cases I will thank someone for their kind words, but then quickly counter:<em> everything I wrote in that book is true; perspective is irrelevant. </em>
03/05/2012 12:52 BST