Dragana Brown

World Affairs and Lifestyle Commentator

Born behind the iron curtain, arrived on this Kingdom’s shores in the early eighties having scooped up a BA in English Language and Literature I made London town my hearth. Some time spent as a manager at The East West Centre - Europe's largest alternative health institution back in those days. Wore editor's hat for an in house health magazine at one of the UK’s largest health food enterprises and wrote a regular column in "Spirit and Destiny" on various health issues. A not so brief encounter with the beautiful and buoyant Boy George led to a loooooong term, very deep friendship and working relationship. We stir-fried and co-wrote a book together, appeared on numerous TV, radio shows and featured in national/international press and magazines - the lot. Georgie and I also ran a business together. A well known author had my assisting hand for nearly two decades with writing and editing numerous books. I have co-raised four children and travelled extensively. I love expressing both verbally and in ink, my strong, practical, and real views on anything in life - like a true philosopher might. My most cherished modern day philosopher (yet ancient in essence) Serge Benhayon and his blue books – philosophy at its sparkliest. I enjoy skiing and swimming - only since coached by Simone Benhayon – UK’s (yet in my experience World's) number 1 swim instructor....going for walks when all are asleep, nourishing and nurturing food, (hence my diet and nutrition diploma on the wall) and taking good and loving care of myself.  But most of all…..I ADORE people.