Ed Pinkney

Mental health campaigner and researcher

Ed Pinkney is a public health campaigner and consultant with a particular interest in digital tools, peer-support and mental health in education. He is currently based at the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, Hong Kong University.

Ed is a graduate of the University of Leeds (Philosophy, 2010) and received a Masters in Public Health from the University of Hong Kong in 2015.

In 2010, he founded Mental Wealth UK (now Student Minds) - a national mental health charity that supports a network of student campaigners. After completing his studies, he spent a year travelling around the UK in a camper van, running mental health events and campaigns at universities and encouraging students to setup ‘mental wealth’ groups. He was director of Mental Wealth UK until 2012, and led NUS's mental health project in Northern Ireland during early 2013. During 2014 he worked for the digital mental health charity Mindfull, and has been based at the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention at Hong Kong University since 2015.

Ed comments and campaigns on issues involving young people, education, and wellbeing, and has often been featured in the media as an authority on student mental health and suicide prevention. He received counselling training at the University of Leeds, and studied positive psychology at the University of East London. He is interested in eastern cultures and has travelled through much of Asia. In October 2012 he spent time living with nomads in Tibet, where he had a narrow miss with an angry yak.

Ed can be contacted through his website.