Ellie Bradley

COO of Nominet

Eleanor Bradley is COO of Nominet, the technology company known for running the .UK internet infrastructure and which is also the founder and funder of the charitable foundation Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading social tech funder.

Eleanor has over 20 years’ experience in the internet industry and in her current role leads the teams responsible for commercial activity related to Nominet’s registry business as well as the company’s corporate services.

In 2016, she was named as a role model in the category of Board Level & Senior Executive of the Year at the Women in Business awards, and is a keen champion of women in IT and advocate of encouraging more girls to explore STEM subjects. She sees the internet as a force for good and, as Nominet is a public benefit company, is developing a number of projects designed to empower and upskill young people to help future-proof the hiring pool of the UK’s digital economy.