Ellie May Forrester

she has mild cerebral palsy who lives life defining what means to have a disability.

Ellie May Forrester is a freelance writer based in Shropshire. She started writing at the age of fourteen where she discovered it was her true passion and vocation in life. There are many different types of writing styles which she embraces from performance poetry, to writing articles and stories both fiction and non fiction and blogging.

Ellie always has her nose in book and her head firmly placed in the clouds. Having been told bedtimes stories from a young age, she has always been surrounded by books. She is always reading and it would be difficult for her to chose any one poet or author who inspires her as it changes on a regularly basis.

She recently finished studying for BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Animal Care and Management in July 2015.

Her blog is called: theabstractchameleonblog.wordpress.com

Other subjects which she likes to write about are pieces about travelling, culture, history, feminism, disability and musing from her journal.
I Gave You This Job To Try And Help

I Gave You This Job To Try And Help You

"I gave you this job to try and help you", said one of my previous employers. These words hit me hard and I felt extremely patronised and saddened. The fact that, as a disabled person, I should have only been given a job out of pity, not based on my ability, goes to the heart of the problem.
14/02/2017 16:53 GMT
I Have A Disability And Feel Empowered - Every Four

I Have A Disability And Feel Empowered - Every Four Years

The Paralympic Games illustrate that when a disabled person has the right support, is valued and, importantly, listened to, they can succeed to the best of their abilities. If we put a little of this philosophy, enthusiasm and energy into supporting disabled people every day, not just every four years, all disabled people could feel that they too can achieve and make a valued contribution to society.
21/09/2016 17:00 BST
ESA Cuts: View From a Person With a

ESA Cuts: View From a Person With a Disability

I have many friends on ESA and I am on this benefit myself and having had many a conservation with them about how their job searching is going and experiences in work. There is a real sense of a loss of faith in the employment system for which there are lots of reasons, that all boil down to the same thing a lack of understanding.
28/03/2016 15:18 BST
It's Time to

It's Time to Listen

We live in a society that likes to put labels on people, based on little more than a lack of understanding, stereo types and generalization. Having been born with mild cerebral palsy and slight learning difficulties, I have experienced being pigeon holed from a young age.
01/10/2015 10:05 BST