Ellie Stoneley

Mother, author of 'Milky Moments', Children's Book of the Year 2015/16, loves local, often on the side of the underdog, fan of breastfeeding

Ellie Stoneley is a mother and a writer. Her first book, Milky Moments, is currently flying off the shelves and has been welcomed by parents, children, the Royal College of Midwives and La Leche League.

A contributor to parenting websites both in the US and the UK, Ellie has also made frequent TV, radio and newspaper appearances to discuss the joys and issues faced by older parents and breastfeeding mothers.

Milky Moments (published by Pinter and Martin in May 2015) is available worldwide. A verse and picture book for children and their families, every Milky Moments illustration features a breastfeeding mother and child (baby, toddler and beyond), at home, out and about, with friends or strangers. Nursing is just a normal loving part of day to day life. The book has some lovely features which children also enjoy, such as hunting for a little bear called Eric on every page.

Ellie works to give a louder voice to tiny charities, social and third sector organisations, and this has taken her from Cambridge to California and Madagascar. She also runs tech for good events and advises organisations (including the Kitchen Table Charities Trust, and Art for All) on social media.

She organised a UK tour for Jake Clemons of Springsteen's E Street band, sits on the board of global tolerance and was until recently a Trustee of the Digital Unite Trust. Ellie gave up supermarkets 16 years ago and champions the joys of living locally. She's happiest when exploring the world with her daughter.

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