Emma L. Jones

Founder of online small business community Enterprise Nation, a co-founder of national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain and SME Crown Rep

Following a degree in Law and Japanese, Emma joined international accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, where she worked in London, Leeds and Manchester offices and set up the firm’s inward investment practice that attracted overseas companies to locate in the UK.

In 2000, bitten by the dot.com bug, Emma left the firm to start her first business, Techlocate – after 15 months, the company was successfully sold to Tenon plc.

The experience of starting, growing and selling a business from a home base gave Emma the idea for Enterprise Nation which was launched in 2006 as the home business website.

The company has since expanded to become a small business community of over 75,000 people who access content, events and funding; online, in print and in person.

She is also a co-founder of national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain, a UKTI Trade Ambassador and the Government's SME Crown Rep.

Why Digital Training For Women Matters

With almost one third of women saying practical support such as digital skills training would really help them when starting a business, delivering and creating a noise around our online and offline training programme will give women access to a wealth of free resources that they can use whenever it is convenient and digest at their own pace.
08/02/2017 17:12 GMT

May The British Spirit Of Entrepreneurship Continue To Shine Bright

As founder of the UK's most active small business network, I hear from and meet with small businesses every day. In the decade in which Enterprise Nation has been in business, we've reported that these small businesses feel confident and optimistic about the future. But I'm beginning to doubt that premise.
18/10/2016 12:18 BST

Why It's an Ideal Time to Sell to the Public Sector

Last month I became the Government's new Crown Representative for small and medium sized businesses. My role will be to work with government to help it achieve its target of £1 in every £3 being spent with small business by 2020.
02/08/2016 14:31 BST

Parties to Take Part in Small Business Debate

Do you know which political party will offer the best package of policies to support Britain's growing army of small businesses over the next five years? There are now record numbers of small firms in the UK, they account for as much as 96 per cent of the UK private sector, generating around a third of private sector turnover.
02/02/2015 14:11 GMT

Why 2015 Will be One Heck of a Year for Start-ups

The British start-up culture has evolved to such an extent that we're now Europe's most entrepreneurial nation - and the fourth best in the world according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index.
22/12/2014 07:21 GMT

UK Is Gaining Ground in the Global Entrepreneurship Race

A little while ago reports of the UK's entrepreneurial efforts in the face of start-up giants like the US, were, well, a little mediocre. It was rather like reading an end of year report which said 'must try harder'.
20/11/2014 13:14 GMT

Enterprise Education to Be on the Curriculum at Last

Young people need to at least be able to have a rudimentary understanding of how the commercial world works and we as a society need to find ways to measure and nurture this new entrepreneurial spirit.
30/06/2014 14:51 BST

Pressure Group Makes the Case for the Self-Employed

People are choosing to start a business - it is not because they can't find a job. They don't want a job! Over half a million people took the step to start their own business in 2013; a UK record which looks likely to be beaten this year. Figures from ONS show three quarters of the increase in employment over the past quarter came from people employing themselves.
28/04/2014 22:40 BST


Next year, a new Government initiative will be announced that will deliver £30m worth of Growth Vouchers to small business in a bid to help them grow.
10/12/2013 11:38 GMT

Is There an Entrepreneur in Everyone?

Realising the entrepreneur within could be the act of turning your passion or hobby into a business, spotting a gap in the market and fund-raising to fill it, or coming up with a new way of working or product line for a company in which you're an employee. The entrepreneurial instinct, I believe, is in everyone - the only thing that differs is what you decide to do with it.
19/11/2013 11:11 GMT

Let's Help Small Businesses to Grow by 10%

The 10% Growth Campaign seeks to find out how micro businesses are funding their own growth, what help they think would improve or speed up that process and where their long-term expectations lie.
29/08/2013 16:29 BST

Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

What we need to tackle now is making the infrastructure and cultural change that will make growth and long-term development easier and more achievable for start-ups and micro businesses.
17/05/2013 14:54 BST