Felicity Gerry

International QC, author and legal expert

Felicity Gerry QC is an international barrister specialising in sex, death and fraud trials. She is recommended in the Legal 500 as a “fearless and effective advocate” and “tenacious in court”.

Felicity also holds a research post at Charles Darwin University lecturing in crime, tort , evidence and practical advocacy where she is also researching human rights issues including:
Female Genital Mutilation, Human Trafficking, Indigenous rights and The Rule of Law online.
Felicity is a memorable advocate & a popular and experienced broadcaster with many appearances on BBC News, Panorama, Sky News, Al Jazeera, BBC’s The Big Questions, BBC Radio 4 Today, PM and Law in Action, BBC Radio 2, BBC 5 Live and Channel 5. She writes regularly for the broadsheet and legal press
Felicity is the co–author of “The Sexual Offences Handbook”. The second edition to be released in 2014 can be pre-ordered here and the book blog is here
She is regularly approached to speak on international issues including human trafficking & rape in conflict zones. She has pioneered treatment of vulnerable defendants & champions the position of women lawyers.
Her greatest skill is in communicating complex legal issues in a simple and understandable way.