Geoffrey Wadhurst

Former HR manager, now reinventing myself as a business coach with the help of networking and social media

I am a highly seasoned senior HR manager turned business coach. With over 25 years of senior management experience in a large corporate, I coach C-level executives on fulfilling their career potential.

My rather cynical friend and erstwhile colleague Keith suggests that this is code for “washed up former company man in career nosedive now joining cast of thousands and becoming a business coach”. I find this a tad harsh.

I am married to Sandra, lady of leisure and captain of the Ladies’ Fifth team at the Marshalswick Lawn Tennis Club. We have a 16 year-old son, Ollie, who faces his fothcoming GCSEs with remarkable sanguinity.

I formerly blogged for the Guardian’s Work section. In a deeply ironic twist of fate, the Guardian has now closed its Work section but I am delighted to be blogging for the Huffington Post. If you’d like to follow my journey into the worlds of networking and social media from the very beginning, please take a look the Notworking Blog archives.