George Pór

Integral mindfulness mentor, coach, adviser to visionary leaders and changemakers in business, government and civil society

George Pór is leadership educator, mindfulness coach, and adviser to visionary leaders and changemakers in business, government and civil society, in matters of personal development, culture change, collective intelligence, and communities of practice.

A Hungarian-born American living in London, he is the Director of CommunityIntelligence, a Fellow of Future Considerations and RSA, founder of the Collective Intelligence & Wisdom community on Google Plus, and the Mindful Together community on Facebook, and co-founder of the School of Commoning, a Community Interest Company focused on education and research for a commons culture and social renewal.

George is an independent scholar, whose academic work included research/ teaching at London School of Economics, INSEAD, University of Amsterdam, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Integral Studies, and Université de Paris.
His current research interests include: shared mindfulness, community learning and development, learning regions and society, (global-scale) collective intelligence and wisdom, evolutionary guidance systems, global brain studies, and the emergence of higher “we-spaces.”

His clients included Campus de Excelencia Internacional Cataluña Sur, Climate and Development Knowledge Network, European Commission, European Investment Bank, Ford Motor Co., Greenpeace, Intel, Shell, UN Development Programme, World Wildlife Foundation, and numerous other organisations around the world.

George contributed key chapters several books, e.g.: Evolutionary Leadership: integral leadership for an increasingly complex world; Collective Intelligence: creating a prosperous world at peace; Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies; Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business; and Briefing book for President-Elect Bill Clinton’s Transition Team (1992).